Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day- Sixteen

Review Tab :

Proofing Group : 

Spelling & Grammar : To check the spelling and grammar of a document. 
  • if you wish to check the spelling of an individual word.
  • you can right click any word that has been underlined by word and choose a substitution.
  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the document
  • click on spelling & Grammar
  • Any errors will display a dialog box that allows you to choose a more appropriate spelling or phrasing.
 Thesaurus (Shift + F7) : The thesaurus allows you to view synonyms. (OR) Suggests other words with a similar meaning to the word you have selected.
Steps :
  • Select Word 
  • click on Thesaurus 
  • Select word and right click on it 
  • select synonyms
Translate : Translate the selected text into a different language.
Example :
  • Select the Word 
  • click on Translate 

Word Count : Find out the No.of words,characters lines and paragraphs in the document.
  • Click on Word Count
Comment Group :
New Comment : Add a comment about the selection. (or)Comment is a note annotation that an author or reviewer adds to a document comment is displayed in a balloon.


  • Select the text or item that you want to comment
  • click on new comment
  • type the comment text in the comment balloon. 
Next Comment : Navigate to that previous comment in the document.
Previous Comment : Navigate to the previous comment in the document.
Delete Comment : Delete the selected comment.
Steps :
  • To Quickly delete a single comment
  • right click the comment
  • click delete comment
Tracking Group :
Track changes : Tracks the changes in the document from the cursor position.
Steps :

  • Click on Track Changes
  • Again click on track changes (To Apply or Remove track Changes).
Changes Group :
Accept : Used to accept changes like track change,formatting etc.in the current document.
Steps :
  • Click on Accept 
  • Click on Accept All Changes in Document
Reject :Used to reject changes like track change formatting etc.in the current document. 
Steps :
  • Click on Reject
  • Click on Reject all changes in document.
Compare Group :
Compare : Used to compare two documents.
Steps :
  • Click on compare
  • click on compare or combine
  • select original document (click on original document combo box,browse for the file and select the file and click on open).
  • Select revised document
  • click on OK button
Protect Group :
Protect Document: Restricts editing to other users.

  • Click on Protect document
  • Click on restrict formatting and editing then we get 3 steps in track pane.
  • Step 1: Check in the tick mark under formatting restrictions 
  • Step 2: Check in the tick mark under editing restrictions 
  • Step 3: Click on yes,start enforcing protecting button
  • Give the password in the corresponding box
  • Re-enter password
  • click on OK
To Remove Protection :
Steps :
  • Click on stop protection button 
  • Give the password which was given earlier
  • click on OK