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Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day-Fifteen

Mailing Tab :

Create Group :

Envelop : This option is used to add the envelop to the current document with delivery address and return address.you can also omit the return address using "Omit" option.

Labels : Word prints on labels just as it print on any sheet of paper with each cell the same size at the sticky labels when the sheet is printed,you have a bunch of labels for your peeling and sticking pleasure.

Steps :

  • Click on Labels
  • Use the address box to type what you want printed on the label.
  • select the full page of the same label radio button 
  • click the new document button 
Start Mail-Merge Group :

Mail-Merge : Mail merge is one of the advanced features of word processing software.we can use mail merge to create letters,envelops,labels and catalogs.All these may take same content but variable fields such as name,job and city.Mail-merge replaces all the fields with the data available from a custom defined data source.using this feature one head not create many similar letters or labels mail-merge creates many documents automatically with field changes.

Steps :
  • select start mail-merge 
  • select step by step mail merge wizard
  • select starting document
  • select recipients
  • select type a new list 
  • click on create
  • click on customize columns 
  • delete un-wanted field name
  • click on add
  • type salutation
  • click on ok
  • again click on ok.

Title First_Name Last_Name Company_Name Address Salutation
Dear Ramesh
Dear Rakesh
Dear Sri

  • Click on Ok
  • Type file name and click on save
  • select cursor position
  • select write your letter
  • type information
  • select cursor position
  • click on < < Address Block > >
  • select more items
  • select salutation
  • click on insert 
  • click on clase
  • preview your letter --> select finish & Merge option
  • select edit individual letters
  • select all
  • click on OK.