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Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day- Six


Page Group:

Cover Page:
To insert a fully formatted cover page. You can fill in the title, author, data and other information.

  • Click on cover page.
  • Choose a style for the cover page.
  • Type Title, sub title and other information.
Bank Page:
To insert a new Blank page at the cursor position.

Page Break (Ctrl + Enter):
Insert a page break option at the cursor position.

  • Select the cursor position.
  • Click on page break.
Tables Group:
Table: Tables are used to display data in a table format.

Insert Table:  
  • Click on insert table.
  • Enter the number of rows and columns.
Draw Table:  Draw the borders of a table.

Insert Table:  
Number of Columns = 2
Number of Rows       = 5
Click on Ok.

Convert Text to Table :
This option is used to convert the text format to table format.
Steps :

  • Type the Text .
  • Example  "rno,name,s1,s2,s3,total,avg".
  • Select the Text.
  • click on Convert table to text.
  • select the option "other".
  • type ",'.
  • click on Ok button.

Excel Spreadsheet:  insert Excel Sheet in your document.

Total =Sum (c2:e2)
Average =average (c2:e2)
Min =min (c2:e2)
Max =max (c2:e2)

Note: Click the table and notice that you have two new tabs on the ribbon: Design and Layout.

Quick Tables : Insert any table.