Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day- Seven

Layout Tab :

Table Group :
Select : select the current cell,row,column or entire table.

View-Grid lines : Grid line show the cell boundaries of a table on the screen wherever the table doesn't have borders applied.unlike borders,grid-lines appear only on the screen.They are never printed.grid-lines are not visible when you view a document in a print preview.

Properties :  Change the table alignment. 

Alignment Group :

Alignment :Alignment text within the cells and change text direction.

Cell Margins : Customize the cell margins and the spacing between cells. 
Steps :
  • Click on Cell Margins.
  • Change the default cell Margins.
  • Select Allow spacing between cells.
  • click on Ok button.

Cell Size Group : 
Table row height : Set the height of the selected cells.

Table Column Width : Set the width of the selected cells.

Auto-fit Contents: Automatically resize the column width based on the size of the text in them.

Auto-fit window : To stretch the table across the page to fit the window.

Distribute rows : Distribute the height of the selected rows equally between them.

Distribute columns : Distribute the width of the selected columns equally between them.

Merge Group :
Merge Cells : Merge the selected cells into one cell.
Steps :
  • Select the Cells.
  • Click on Merge cells.

Split Cells : Split the selected cells into multiple new cells.
Steps :
  • Select cell.
  • Type no.of columns & rows 
  • Click on OK button.

Split Table : split the table into two tables.
Steps :
  • select the cursor position.
  • click on split table.

Rows & Columns Group :
Insert row above : Add a new row directly above the selected row.

Insert row below : Add a new row directly below the selected row.

Insert columns to the Left : Add a new column directly to the left of the selected column.

Insert columns to the Right : Add a new column directly to the right of the select column.

Delete : Delete rows,columns ,cells or the entire table.