Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day - Five

Styles Group :

  • Type the Text and Select the Text.
  • Click the Quick style you wish to apply.

Editing Group :
Find (Ctrl + F ) : 
find required text in the document.
Replace (Ctrl + H ) : 

Replace the existing text with another.
Goto ( Ctrl + G) : 
Navigate to the specific place in the document.
Select All ( Ctrl + A ) : 

Selects everything in the document.

Move Action Key Stroke
Beginning of the Line Home
End of the Line End
Beginning of the document Ctrl + Home
End of the document Ctrl + End
Previous Page Ctrl + PageUp
Next Page Ctrl + PageDown
One Screen Down Page Up
One Screen Up Page Down
Next Line Down Arrow
Next (or) Previous ParagraphCtrl + Up Arrow (or) Ctrl + Down
One Word Left Ctrl + Left Arrow
One Word Right Ctrl + Right Arrow

Selection Technique
Word by word right directionCtrl + Shift + → (Right Arrow)
Word by word left directionCtrl + Shift + ← ( Left Arrow )
Character by character right directionShift + → (Right Arrow)
Character by character left directionShift + ← ( Left Arrow )
Select All Ctrl + A