Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day- Twelve

Insert Tab:
Header & Footer Group:

Header & Footer : Header message will be displayed at the top of the page.footer message will be displayed at the bottom of the page.The header & footer message is inserted on every page of the document.

Header & Footer Tools :

Header :

  • select any format
  • type header message
  • click Goto Footer
Footer :
  • select any format 
  • type footer message
Page Number :
  • Select any format
  • Top of the page (or) bottom of the page.

Date & Time : 
Steps :
  • Insert date & Time 
  • Select any format 
Quick Parts : insert Quick parts.

Picture : Insert picture from a file.

clip Art : insert clip-art from clip-Art gallery.

Navigation Group :
Steps :
  • click on go to header
  • click on go to footer
  • click on previous section
  • click on links to previous
Option's Group  :
  • click on different first page
  • click on add & even pages
  • show document Text
Position Group :
  • Header from Top
  • Footer from Bottom
  • Insert Alignment Tab
  • close Header and Footer from close group.
Page Number : Insert page number into the document.
  • Select page Number
  • Select any format
  • Apply the header & Footer tools in design Tab

Text Group :

Text Box : Insert pre-formatted text boxes.
  • Click on Text box
  • select any one text box (or) draw the text box
  • type any text in text box
Format Tab: Apply text box styles ,shadow effects,3D-effects,arrange,options & size options.

Quick Parts : Insert quick parts into the document.

Word Art : Insert decorative text in you document.
Steps :
  • Click on Word-Art 
  • Select any word-Art style
  • Type any Text
  • Click on ok
Format Tab : Apply text options,word-Art,Styles,Shadow effects,3D-Effects,Arrange options and Size options.
Drop Cap : Create a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph.

 Steps :
  • Select first character of the paragraph.
  • select dropped options.
Signature Line : insert a signature line that specifies the individuals who must sign.

Steps :
  • Click on signature line
  • click on Ok 
  • Type suggested Signature Name 
  • Example : "Karunakar Reddy"
  • Type Suggested Signature Title 
  • Example : "Faculty "
Date & Time :
Insert the current date and time into the current document.

Object : Insert an embedded object (or) This option allows us to insert one application into another application.

Steps :
  • place the cursor where you want to insert object.
  • Click on object button. 
  • Click Object.
  • Select the application from the list and click Ok. 
Text from File :
This option allows us to insert already existing file data at the cursor position in the current document.

Steps : 
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert file data.
  • click on object button.
  • Select Text from file,browse & select the required file.
  • click on insert. 
Symbols & Equation Group :

Equation : Insert common mathematical equations or build up your own equations using library of math symbols.

Steps :
  • Click the equation button 
  • choose appropriate equation and structure (or)
  • click on insert new equation.
  • insert tools group,symbols group and structure group in design tab. 
Symbol : Insert symbols that are not on your keyboard such as copy right,Trade Mark,Registration symbols ..etc.

Steps :
  • Place the cursor in the document where you want to the symbol.
  • Click on symbol 
  • choose appropriate symbol.