Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day- Ten

Insert Tab :
Tables Group :

Pivot Table : A Pivot Table is a powerful tool to calculate, summarize,And analyze data.

Example Table  :

Steps : 
  • Select a table or range
  • Click on PivotTable
  • Choose the PivotTable and click

  • Choose where you want the pivot table report to be placed 
  • New Worksheet (or) Existing Worksheet
  • Click on OK Button.

  • It display the Pivot Table Field (Right side the Window)            
  • You can Choose the Require Fields 
  • Choose the Position Column or Row Label 
Table (Ctrl +T ) :
This option is used to apply the pre-defined table styles to the selected table or list range.

Steps :
  • Select the Table or select the list range
  • Click on Table 
  • Click on OK button
  • Select any table style and change the table style options.