Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day-Nine

Editing Group :

Auto-sum (Alt + +) :
Sum : Display the sum of the selected cells directly after the selected cells.
Syntax :   
           Sum(number 1,number 2,..... ) 
Example :  
Average :Display the average of the selected cells. directly after the selected cell.
Syntax :   
           average(number 1,number 2,..... ) 
Example :  
Count Number : Display the using number of cells.
Syntax :   
           count(Value 1,Value 2,..... ) 
Example :  
Max : Display the largest number.
Syntax :   
Example :  
Min : Display the Smallest number.
Syntax :   
Example :  

Fill : 
Continue a pattern into one or more adjacent cells.you can fill cell in any direction and into any range of adjacent cells. 
Down : To fills the information from top to down.
Right : To fills the information from left to right side.
Up: To fills the information from down to up.
Left : To fills the information from right to left side.
Justify :  Justifying the selected cells into a single cell.
Series : To fill the series values in to the respective row or columns by specifying 

  • Type the '1' and select the cell
  • Click on Fill and select the Series 
  • Choose the Step-Value=1 to Stop Value=10
  • Click on OK Button
Clear : Delete everything from the cell or selectively remove the formatting of the contents of the comments.
Clear All : Delete all the data from the list range.

  • Select list range
  • click on clear
  • select clear all

Clear Formats : Clear all the formatting styles from the list range.leaving only the plain text.
Steps :

  • Select list range
  • Apply formatting styles,like Bold,Italic..etc
  • Click on Clear
  • Click on Clear formats

Clear Contents: Delete the selected list range.

  • Select list range
  • click on clear
  • click on clear contents

Clear Comments : Delete the selected comment
Steps :

  • Select Cell
  • Click on "Review Tab"
  • Select New Comment
  • Type any Comment
  • Click on "Home Tab"
  • Click on Clear
  • Click on Clear Comments

Sort & Filter :
Sort : It is used to arrange the records in as Ascending order or Descending or Alphabetical order.
  • Select list range
  • select smallest to largest(A-Z)  (or) 
  • Select largest to smallest (Z-A)
Filter : It is used to filter the record from list range and display the output in same place.
Steps :
  • Select list range
  • select filter 
  • select course column 
  • select any record (or) To display all records "Select All" Option
Find ( Ctrl + F) : This option is used to find specified information.
Replace (Ctrl + H) : This option is used to replace the specified information in the place of specified information.
Goto (Ctrl + G) : Navigate to a specific place in the worksheet.
Formulas : Goto formulas
Comments : Add a comment about the selection goto Comment.
Data Validation : This option is used to set the validation rule for selected cells.that is the value will be accepted into the respective cells when the specified validation or condition is satisfied.