Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day-Eleven

Insert Tab :
Illustrations Group :

Picture : Insert a picture from a file.

Steps :

  • Click on picture
  • Select any one picture
  • Click on Insert
  • Selected "Format Tab"
  • Apply the format tab options
Clip-Art : Insert clip-art into the document.

Steps :

  • Click on Clip-Art
  • Type "Tiger" or "Rose" 
  • Click on GO Button
  • Click on Yes Button
  • Click on any one clip-art
  • Click on Format Tab
  • Apply Format Tab Options
Shapes : Insert ready made shapes.such as rectangles and circles,arrows,lines,flow chart symbols,call-out shapes..etc 

Steps :

  • Click on shapes
  • Select any shape
  • Draw a shape and apply format options
Smart -Art : It is used to visually communicate information.


  • Click on Smart-Art
  • Select any one Smart-Art Graphic
  • Click on OK
  • Type text in Boxes and apply design and format  Tab options