Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day-Fourty

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New Window : Open a new window containing a view of the current document.

Arrange All : Tile all open program windows side-by-side on the screen.

Freeze Panes : Keep a portion of the sheet visible while the rest of the sheet scrolls.

Split : Split the window into multiple resizable panes containing views of your worksheet. You can use this feature to view multiple distant parts of your worksheet at once.

Hide : Hide the current window so that it cannot be seen. To bring the window back, click the Unhide button.

Unhide: Unhide and windows hidden by the Hide Windows feature.

View Side by Side : View two worksheets side-by-side so that you can compare their contents.

Synchronous Scrolling : Synchronize the scrolling of two documents so that they scroll together. To enable this feature, turn on View Side by Side.

Reset Window Position : Reset the window position of the documents being compared side-by-side so that they share the screen equally. To enable this feature, turn on View Side by Side.

Save Workspace : Save the current layout of all windows as a workspace so that it can be restored later.

Switch Windows : Switch to a different currently open window.

Macro Group :
Macros :View the list of macros, from which you can run, create, or delete a macro. The keyboard shortcut for viewing macros is Alt + F8 .