Crosstab Query Wizard :

This wizard creates a crosstab query that displays data in a compact, Spreadsheet-like format.

Steps :

  • Create the table based on below format.

  • Enter the Data  

  • Click on Create Tab
  • Then Click on Query Wizard
  • Choose the Crosstab Query
  • Click on Ok Button

  • Select the Required the Table (or) Query 

  •    Example :(Table Name : Music Album)

    • Click on Next Button

    • Select the field/s that you want to be row headings. (You can select up to three fields. However, in this example, we only select one. (Artist_Name)) .
    • Click Next Button.

    • Select the Column Heading (Example : Genre)
    • Click on Next Button

    • Select the Data Field and Function (Example : Field Name : Album_Name, Function :Count).
    • Click on Next Button.

    • Type the Query Name
    • Click on Finish Button

    Result Table :