Microsoft Access Day Eight

Microsoft Office Button:

New (Ctrl + N): This option is used to create the New Database.

Open (Ctrl + O): This option is used to open existing Database.

Save (Ctrl + S): This option is used to save the current Database.

Save As (Ctrl + F12): This option is used to save the database with new file name.

Print Preview: To see the Print preview of the current database.

Print (Ctrl + P):  To take the print out of the database.

Compact and Repair Database:
Perform routine maintenance on the database to ensure data integrity.

Backup database: Backup important database regularly to prevent data loss.

Database Properties: Review and set the basic properties of the database, including the name and owner.

Publish: Document Management Server: Share the database by saving it to a document management server.

Package and Sign: Package the database and apply a digital signature.

Close Database (Cltrl + W): To close the current database.

Exit (Alt + F4): To Exit from the Microsoft –Access 2007.