Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day-1

Microsoft –Word 2007

Microsoft-Word is word processing software, word processing software is used to design documents, and they allow us to Enter, edit, store and print documents. It supports many features to format the text according to the requirement of a user. Microsoft –Word supports many advanced features like mail Merge and Macros.
  •  This product invented by Microsoft Corporation.
  •  The Microsoft-Word File Extension Name “ .Docx “.
Step to Open the Microsoft –Word:
  • Click on start button.
  • Select All Programs.
  • Select Microsoft Office.
  • Select Microsoft –Word


  • Click on start button.
  • Click on the Run.
  • Type the “ winword ”
  • Press Ok Button.

Microsoft Office Button:

1) New (Ctrl + N ) : 
This option is used to create the New Document.

2) Open (Ctrl + O) : (Ctrl + F12) :
This option is used to open existing documents.

3) Save (Ctrl + S) :
This option is used to save the current document.

4) Save As ( F12) :
This option is used to save the document with new file name.

5) Print Preview ( Ctrl + F2) : 
To see the Print preview of the current document.

6) Print (Ctrl + P) : 
To take the print out of the documents.

7) Prepare: 
Encrypt document: 
Increase the security of the document by adding encryption.

Steps to Setup the Password to the Document:

  • Click on Office Button
  • Click on Prepare
  • Select Encrypt Document 
  • Type Password
  • Click on OK Button
  • Re-Enter Password
  • Click on OK Button
  • Click on Office Button and Select
  • It Display the Save Window 
  • Type file name and select Save in Location
  • Click on Save Button.

8) Close ( Cltrl + W) (or) (Ctrl + F4) : 
To close the current document.

9) Exit ( Alt + F4) : 
To Exit from the Microsoft –Word .