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The University of Canterbury (Māori: Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha; postnominal abbreviation Cantuar. or Cant. for Cantuariensis, the Latin name for Canterbury) is New Zealand's second oldest university (after the University of Otago, itself founded four years earlier in 1869). It was founded in 1873 as Canterbury College, the first constituent college of the University of New Zealand. Its original campus was in the Christchurch Central City, but in 1961 it became an independent university and began moving out of its original neo-gothic buildings, which were re-purposed as the Christchurch Arts Centre. The move was completed on 1 May 1975


The University of Canterbury, New Zealand invites applications for the F A Hayek Scholarship in Economics or Political Science 2019 from honours or master's degree applicants. The scholarship scheme supports students towards study for an honours or master's degree in Economics or Political Science at the University of Canterbury. The selected scholars have the opportunity to win a scholarship grant of up to NZD 16,500.
1. One scholarship, providing financial assistance to an amount specified in Note 1, is available annually. However, in any year, the Council of the University may elect to offer two scholarships, each with a value of fifty per cent of the value of the full scholarship: one to a candidate who will be studying Economics, and one to a candidate who will be studying Political Science. If funds permit, the Council may elect to offer each of the two scholarships at the full value. 2. The scholarship is tenable for one year, by students enrolled in a programme for a master’s2 or an honours degree in Economics or Political Science at the University with a course weighting in the range 0.75–1.50 EFTS. 3 Such a programme must include a research component of at least 30 points. 3. Applicants must have met the academic requirements for enrolment in their intended programme of study (described in clause 2), by 10 December in the year of application for the scholarship. See Note 4 for further details of eligibility. 4. Every recipient not already enrolled in the appropriate programme of study (described in clause 2) should normally be enrolled in that programme by 31 March in the year following application A recipient who is unable to enrol by the applicable deadline must seek permission from the Dean of Arts to take up the scholarship at a later date. Without this permission the award will be terminated. 5. The scholarship must be taken up in the year following the year of application.

Last date :15-10-2019

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