The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), originally known as the National Technical Facilities Organisation (NTFO), is a highly specialised technical intelligence gathering agency. While the agency does not affect the working of technical wings of various intelligence agencies, including those of the Indian Armed Forces, it acts as a super-feeder agency for providing technical intelligence to other agencies on internal and external security. The agency is under the control of India's external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing, although it remains autonomous to some degree.
The Group of Ministers (GOM) headed by then Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani had recommended the constitution of the NTFO as a state-of-the-art technical wing of intelligence gathering. Due to security concerns, the recommendation along with such other matters were not made public when the GOM report was published. The organisation does hi-tech surveillance jobs, including satellite monitoring, terrestrial monitoring, internet monitoring, considered vital for the national security apparatus. The NTRO would require over ₹700 crore (US$100 million) to procure different hi-tech equipment from specialised agencies around the globe to become fully functional. The officials have identified countries from where such gadgets could be procured but refused to reveal them due to 'security and other implications'. The Government had been working in this direction after the Kargil war in 1999 when the Subrahmanyam committee report pointed out weaknesses in intelligence gathering in the national security set up. Sources said the road-map for constitution of the National Technical Facilities Organisation was prepared by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam in October 2001 when he was the Principal Scientific Adviser. It was subsequently mentioned in the Group of Ministers report on internal security.

Job Descriptions

Post Name Remuneration Number of posts Essential Qualification age limit
SCIENTIST 'C'Level - 11 A in the pav Matrix 10 First Class Master's Degree in Physics / Electronics i Mathematics from a recognised University or Institute;56
Thirteen years of Research or Design or Deveropment or Technorogy Apprication or operational Experience in the field of Surveillance/Tracking or phase Array Radar System over Ground/Maritime/Airborne platform and its sub-systems and testing of the same/ Communication Systems/Electronics Systems/ Satellite Payload Integration/ computer programmingi Automation/ Technicar Data Analysis/ software DeveropmenuNetwork Engineering/ Network Management/ Network Development/ communication Network/ seiting up of advanced lT infrastructure/ Data communication Network Management/ cyber security/ Remote Sensing/ Cryptology/ Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Robotics/ High Power Computing/ Cyber Forensics lany area which has retevance and is found suitable for the organization;

Start Date :4-7-2019

End date :4-8-2019

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