The National Sugar Institute (NSI) established in 1936, is involved in research, training and advisory services to the sugar and allied industry, and functions under the Department of Food and Public Distribution of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. Located in Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, it provides technical education and training in research in all branches of sugar chemistry, sugar technology, sugar engineering and allied fields. The institute provide assistance to central and state governments in matters relating to sugar and allied industries National Sugar Institute has a very old history lying its root in way back in 1920. The climatic Condition and the area under cultivation encouraged the British Indian Government to promote the Sugar Industry in India which further resulted in the formation of Indian Sugar Committee. The said committee recommended for an All India Institute for research in the field of Sugarcane and Sugar production in 1920 which was further commended by the Royal Commission in 1928 & tariff board in 1930. On the basis of the above recommendations, the Government of India took over the Sugar Section of the HARCOURT BUTLER TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Kanpur and established the IMPERIAL INSTITUTE OF SUGAR TECHNOLOGY, Kanpur in October, 1936. The Imperial Institute of Sugar Technology was placed under the administrative control of the Imperial Council of Agricultural Research located in the campus of HBTI, Kanpur. Upon the formation of Indian Central Sugarcane Committee in 1944 the administrative control of the Imperial Institute of Sugar Technology was transferred to the said Committee. Consequent upon India's attaining independence in 1947, the name of the institute was changed from Imperial Institute of Sugar Technology to Indian Institute of Sugar Technology (I.I.S.T.). With the formation of the Development Council for Sugar Industry under the provisions of the Industries (Development and Regulation ) Act, 1951, the functions of the Indian Central Sugarcane Committee were abridged with effect from 1 January 1954 and the administrative control of the Institute was transferred to the Government of India, under Ministry of Food & Agriculture. In April, 1957, the name of the Institute was again changed to National Sugar Institute (N.S.I.). The Institute shifted from the campus of HBTI, Kanpur to its own campus at Kalyanpur, Kanpur in 1963 and as of now it is only sugar institute in Asia.

Job Descriptions

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1. Please ascertain while forwarding the application that the particulars furnished by the officer has been verified & certified and are found correct and that no disciplinary/ vigilance case is pending or contemplated against the officer and that no major/ minor penalty has been imposed on the officer during the last 10 years under Central Civil Services (Control, Classification & Appeal) Rules, l965. 2. The applications (in duplicate) in the enclosed proforma7 in respect of the candidates, who fulfill the requirement, may be forwarded to Senior Administrative Officer, National Sugar Institute, Kalyanpur Kanpur-208017. The application must be duly counter signed by the Head of Department/ Concerned cadre controlling authority authorized to sign on his behalf, along—with the following documents:— (1) A.C.R. Dossier for the last five years in original. In case the original A.C.R. cannot be spared, photocopies of the same duly attested by an officer not below the rank of Under Secretary to the Govt. cflndia may also be forwarded. (ii) Vigilance Clearance Certificate. (iii) Integrity Certificate. (iv) A certificate to the effect that no major/ minor penalty has been imposed to the officer during the last 10 1‘ten)years under Central Civil Services (Control, Classification and Appeal) Rules 1965‘ The application completed in all respects should reach at the address mentioned at (2) above within 60 days from the date of publication of this advertisement in the Employment News. Applications received after last date or without document mentioned above or otherwise found incomplete will not be considered. .,_ nkd’“ V‘ (Jitendra Singh) Assistant Professor of Sugar Technology & Senior Administrative Officer Encl: Proforma Bio-Data. Annexure—II -—~____ (Certificate to be furnishing by the Employer/Head of Officer/Forwarding Authority) Certified that the particulars furnished by Shri/Smt./Ms ........................................... are correct and he/she possesses educational qualifications and experience ment1or1ed 111 the vacancy CiI‘LLliai‘ 2. Also Certified that:— l. There is no vigilance or disciplinary case pending or contemplated against Shri/Smti/Ms. ll. His/her integrity is certified. (*Strike out which is not enclosed) Signature ofthe Forwarding Authority ......................................... Name and Designation ............................................................ E-mail address 0fthe Forwarding Authority .................................. Telephone Number/Fax No. 0fthe Forwarding Authority ................................... Date: ............................... Place: ............................. List Ofenclosures: 1&me BIO — DATA PROFORMA Post applied for 1. Name and address (in block letters) Telephone No: & Email 2. Date of birth (in Christian era) 3. Date of retirement under Central/ State Government rules. 4. EducationalQualifications 5. Whether educational and other qualifications required for the post are satisfiedflf any qualification has been treated as equivatent to the one prescribed in the rules; state the authority for the same). Qualifications/Experience Qualifications/Experience required possessed by the Officer Essential 6. Please state clearly whether in the light of the entries made by you above, you meet the requirements 0fthe post. 7. Details of employment, in chronological order. Enclose a separate sheet, duly authenticated by your signature, if the space below is insufficient:- Office/ Post heId and From To Scale of pay Nature of InsttJOrgn. service cadre classification duties to which it (Group) of belon-s post ' (5) (6 8. Nature of present post held Whether held on (i) Ad—hoc basis: (ii) Regular/ or temporary basis: (iii) Permanent or quasi— permanent iiasisi: (iv) Basis pay drawn at present: 9. In case the present employment is held on deputation/ contract basis; please state: (a) The date of initial appointment: (b) Period of appointment on deputationt contract: 10. 11. 12. 13. I4. 15. Date: (c) Name of the parent office/ organization you belong to: Additional details about present employment. Please state whether working under:- a) Central Government b) State Government (2) Union Territory d) University e) Recognized Research Institution f) Statutory or Autonomous Organization g) Statutory or Autonomous Organization Are you in revised scale of pay? If yes, give the date from which the revision took place and also indicate the pre-revised scale. Total emoluments per month now drawn: Additional information, ifariy, which you would like to mention in support of your suitability for the post. Enclose a separate sheet, if the space is insufficient. Whether belongs to SC/ST? Remarks Signature of the candidate Address ............................................ Countersigned ........................ (Employer)

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