In 1982, Indian Railways (IR) set up a central organisation to computerise freight operations. The Ministry of Railways saw the need in 1986 for a dedicated, autonomous organisation and established CRIS, an umbrella organisation for all information technology-related activities on Indian Railways. It was tasked with designing, developing and implementing the Freight Operations Information System (
FOIS) and its communications infrastructure. CRIS began functioning in July 1986 as an autonomous organisation headed by an executive director (later renamed managing director).

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GENERAL MANAGERAS PER 7TH CPC PAY MATRIX 1SAG/NFSAG (IRSS)officers with revelant experiance of working in store.
CRIS held a symposium, "IT Can Happen in Government", in New Delhi on 1 July 2010 after a previous symposium on 6 July 2009. The symposium explored challenges faced by government agencies in meeting their IT needs and creating IT systems. A seminar on big data was held in July 2014, followed by a one on smart cities in July 2015. CRIS seminars are held annually, with the most-recent one (on mobility and mobile apps) on 2 July 2018.CRIS designs, develops, implements and maintains information systems for Indian Railways. It has also developed, implemented and maintained IT systems for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands ship-ticketing system. The number of projects handled by CRIS has increased from three in 2000 to more than 80 by 2018. COA (Control Office Application), which assists train controllers (despatchers) in planning and tracking the movement of trains across the network, shares its data with applications such as NTES (with which passengers can obtain a train's location and expected movement) and FOIS. Train punctuality reports are generated through ICMS (Integrated Coaching Management System), which also receives data from COA.

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