Find Unmatched Query Wizard:
This wizard creates a query that finds records (rows) in one table that have no related Records in another table.
Steps :
  • Create Two Table (Customers, Orders) as below format.
Customer Table :

Orders Table :
  • Click on Create Tab
  • Then click on Query Wizard
  • Choose the “Find Unmatched Query Wizard”.
  • Click on OK button

The Query you create will list records in the table you select below that have no related records in the table you select on the next screen.For Example you can find customers that have no orders.
  • Choose the Customer Table
  • Click on Next Button

Which table or query contains the related records?
For Example : if you've already selected customers and you're looking for customers without orders, you would choose order here.
  • Choose the Order Table and click on Next button

What piece of information is in both tables ?

For example : a Customers and an orders table may both have a CustomerID field,Matching fields may have different names.
Select the matching fields in each table and then click the <=> button.
  • You can choose the Customer Table  Field : Customer ID and Order Table Field : Customer ID.
  • Click on Next button
  • Select the Require fields and Add
  • click on Next button
  • Type Query Name 
  • Then click on Finish Button
Result Table :