Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day-Thirty-five

Review Tab : 

Comment Group :

New Comment :
Add a comment about the selected cell. The keyboard shortcut to add a comment is Shift + F2 . Note: This button is the default view in the Comments section rather than the Edit Comment button displayed at the top of this explanation.

Edit Comment :
Edit the selected comment. The keyboard shortcut to edit a selected comment is Shift + F2 . Note: This button will not be displayed unless a cell containing a comment has been selected.

Delete (comment) : 
Delete the selected comment.

Previous (comment) : 
Select the previous comment in the worksheet.

Next (comment) : 
Navigate to the next comment in the document.

Show/Hide Comment : 
Show or hide the comment attached to the selected sheet.

Show All Comments : 
Display all comments in the sheet.

Show Ink :
Show or hide any ink annotations on the sheet.