Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day-twenty seven

Sort And Filter Group: 

Sort : Sort option is used to arrange the records ascending order or descending order A-Z to Z-A.

Filter : It is used to filter the records from the list range.we can check the condition satisfied records and we can copy in copy to range.It supports auto filter and Advanced Filter.

Auto Filter : In Auto filter it filters the records and display's the output in the same place.To display all the records select all option.

Example :

Steps :
  • Select the list range
  • Click on  Filter
  • Select Any Column filter
  • Choose the Record (or) Custom Filter
  • Choose the Required Setup
  • Click on OK Button


Advanced Filter : 

In advanced filter we can check the condition and copy's the data in output range.

Steps :

  • Select list range
  • click on Advanced Filter
  • Select copy to another Location
  • Select list range and press enter
  • Select Criteria Range and press enter
  • Select copy to range and press enter
  • click on OK button