Microsoft-Word 2007 Study Material Day- Nine

Insert Tab:
Illustration Group:

Picture : Insert picture from the file.

  • Click on picture.
  • Select any picture.
  • Click on insert.
Note : Click the Picture and notice that you have one new tab on the ribbon : Format Tab.

Format Tab :

Adjust Group :
Brightness : increase or decrease the brightness of the picture.

Contrast : Increase or decrease the contrast of the picture.

Re-Color : Recolor the picture to give it a stylized effects.

Change Picture : Change to a different picture preserving the formatting and size of the current picture. 

Reset Picture: Discard all of the formatting you made to this picture.

Picture Style Group : 
Picture Styles : Apply the pre-defined picture styles to the selected picture.

Picture Shape : Change the shape of the picture.

Picture Border :  Specify the color width and line style for the outline of the selected shape.

Picture Effects : Apply a visual effects to the picture.such as a shadow,glow,reflection or 3D Rotation.

Arrange Group:

Position : position the selected object on the page.

Text Wrapping : Change the way of text wraps around the selected objects.

Send to Back : Send the selected object behind all other objects.

Bring to Front : Bring the selected object in-front of the all other objects. 

Align : Align the edges of multiple selected objects.

Rotate : Rotate or Flip the selected object.

Group : Group objects together so that they can be treated like a single object.

Un-group : Ungroup the grouped objects.

Re-Group : Re-Group the un-grouped objects.

Size Group :
Crop : Crop the picture to remove any un-wanted Area.

Shape Width : Change the width of the shape or picture.

Shape Height : Chang the height of the shape or picture.