Microsoft-Excel 2007 Study Material Day- One

Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft-Excel is spreadsheet software,It is a software tool for entering calculating,manipulating and analyzing sets of numbers.A spreadsheet is in the form of rows and columns.A cell in the spreadsheet is an intersection of row and column.every cell has a unique reference in terms of rows and columns.such as A1.B2.

The cells can hold text,numbers,date and formulas.every cell can be formatted according to the requirements of  users. 
It facilitates many ready made functions  to perform calculation easily.
  • An Excel file is called a workbook and this workbook contains worksheets.
  • The file extension of the excel workbook is .xlsx(In 2007 Version).
  • Ms-Excel 2009-2003 Version extension is .xls.
WORKSHEET : A Worksheet is an electronic spreadsheet that consists rows and columns represented by numbers and alphabets respectively.

In 2007 Version :
  • No of rows 10,48,576
  • No of columns 16,384(XFD)
  • Last Cell Address : XFD10,48.576
In 2003 Version :
  • No of rows 65,536
  • No of columns 256(IV)
  • Last Cell Address : IV 65,536
Cell Pointer : It is the highlighted rectangular bar.
Cell Address : A Cell address is the Inter-section point of rows and columns.

Navigation Short Cuts  :
Action  Shortcut Key
To see the last row
Ctrl +  ↓ (Down Arrow)
To see the First row
Ctrl +  ↑ (Up Arrow)
To see the Last Column
Ctrl +  → (Right Arrow)
To see the First Column
Ctrl +  ← (Left Arrow)

Steps to open the Microsoft-Excel 2007 :

◊ Click on Start Button.
◊ Select all Programs 
◊ Select Microsoft Office 
◊ Select the Microsoft Office Excel 2007

◊ Click on Start Button
◊ Select Run Option 
◊ Type Excel
◊ Click on OK button