Company Name:  Indian Navy


1. Applications are invited from unmarried male candidates for Short Service Commission (SSC) in Pilot/NAIC and unmarried male & female candidates for Short Service Commission in Observer entry of the Indian Navy for course commencing Jan 2017 at the Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala, Kerala.


(a) Age for Pilot/Observer
(i) General Candidates. 19 to 24 years, born between 02 Jan 1993 and 01 Jan 1998; both dates inclusive.
(ii) CPL Holders. 19 to 25 years, born between 02 Jan 1992 and 01 Jan 1998; both dates inclusive. (Applicable for Pilot entry only).

Note: - Applicants who have FAILED in PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test) earlier are not eligible for Pilot Entry, but can apply for the Observer Entry scheme.

 (b) Age for NAIC – 19 ½ - 25 years, born between 02 Jan 1992 and 01 Jul 1998; both dates inclusive.

3. Educational Qualifications
(i) For Pilot & Observer:- BE/ B.Tech in any discipline with Physics and Maths at 12th Standard. Minimum percentage in BE/B.Tech for Pilot entry is 60% and for Observer entry is 55%.CPL holder must have valid and current CPL issued by DGCA (India).

(ii) For NAIC- BE/ B.Tech with 60% in any one of the streams i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Production, Instrumentation, IT, Chemical Metallurgy and Aerospace Engineering.

Note: -

(i) Candidates who have not completed their degree (i.e. appearing candidates) need not apply.
(ii) Only one application is to be filled.
(iii) Candidates who are eligible for more than one branch/cadre should mention priority in their application form.

4. The gender requirement is as follows:-

Male only
  Male And Female   
      NAIC      Male only


Eye Sight
Height And Weight
Pilot And Observer
Distant Vision 6/6, 6/9 Correctable to 6/6,
6/6 Should not be colour blind/night blind
Male – 162.5 cms
Female – 152 cms
With correlated weight, leg
length, sitting height and
thigh length.
Distant Vision 6/60, 6/60 Correctable to 6/6,
6/12 Should not be colour blind/night blind   
Male – 157 cms
With correlated weight, as
per age and height.

(c) Tattoo: 
Permanent body tattoos on any part of the body are permitted to candidates belonging to tribal communities/from tribal areas as declared by the Government of India. For other candidates permanent body tattoos are only permitted on inner face or forearms i.e. from inside of elbow to wrist end on the reverse side of palm/back (dorsal) side of hand. Details in this regard are available on the naval recruitment website: www. joinindiannavy.gov.in 

Note:- There will be no relaxation in Physical Standards. THE NAVY OFFERS YOU 6. Pay Scale & Promotions. The promotion from Sub Lieutenant to Commander is on time scale basis and thereafter on selection basis subject to fulfilment of requisite service condition. 

The Pay Scale and promotion criteria is as follows:-


7. Allowances (as applicable):
The rates of allowances applicable to officers are as follows:-

To whom granted  
 Rate Per Month (in Rs ) 
Qualified Pilot/ Observer
13500 - 21000/pm
All officers posted as instructor   
All Officers 
24000 (Initial grant) &
7500 (Every 3 Yrs) 
Hard Area     
All Officers posted in Hard Area as declared by Govt.
25% of BP+GP+MSP
House Rent     
To Officers not provided Govt. Accommodation
10-30% of Basic (Pay Band+Grade Pay+MSP)
All Officers
1600-3200 (+DA thereon)
Qualified as Marcos
13500 – 21000/pm
Clearance/Ships Diver

8. Cost to Company (CTC):
The CTC for a sub Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 87,600/- per month for Pilot & Observer and Rs 74000/- for NAIC. This includes Basic Pay, DA, Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, Flying Allowance, House Rent Allowance and Transport allowance. These rates are not statutory and are subject to change.

9. Privileges:
 In addition to the CTC mentioned above, Navy provides Free Medical Facilities for Self & dependents, Canteen Facilities, Entitled Ration, Mess/Club/Sports Facilities, Furnished Govt. Accommodation, Car/Housing Loan at subsidised rate.

10. Group Insurance & Gratuity.
Insurance cover of Rs. 57 lakhs for pilot & observer and Rs 50 lakhs for NAIC (on contribution) and gratuity will be granted to the officer as per the latest rules in force.

11. Leave Entitlements.
On Commission, officers are entitled to 60 days annual and 20 days casual leave every year (subject to service exigencies). They are also entitled for 40% rail concession to any place and free travel (as per extant rules) for self and dependents. They are entitled to encashment of leave up to 300 days. Leave during training period will be as per the extant policy in force. 

12. Sports & Adventure.
The Navy provides facilities to pursue any sport of your liking. In addition, one can learn and participate in adventure sports, such as river rafting, mountaineering, hot air ballooning, hand gliding, wind surfing etc.


13. On completion of basic flying training and on award of wings after commission, you would have an opportunity to fly Fixed Wing Aircraft or helicopters. This could be from an aircraft carrier, other ships decks or from an airfield ashore. You would be flying machines at the cutting edge of technology. You would actively participate in all facets of Naval operations, i.e. Air, Surface and sub-surface operation. An honourable exciting and adventurous life awaits you as a pilot in the Indian Navy.


14. On completion of training you would be part of the Naval Aviation Arm. As an airborne tactician you will be flying on board, Naval aircraft of the Indian Navy. Your primary task would be to operate various state of the art equipment including Radar, Sonar, Electronic Warfare equipment, Communications equipment and even launch airborne weapons. You will get an opportunity to participate in all facets of Naval Operations on board Maritime Patrol aircraft and the ship borne multi- role helicopters.


15. As a Naval Armament Inspection officer, you will be responsible for inspection of the armament supplied to the Navy by various agencies. You will also be responsible for in house Research & Development, leading to indigenisation, and will have to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of Naval Armament and Stores procured by the Navy. In no other carrier, an officer gets exposed to such a wide spectrum of opportunities to keep abreast of modern and latest technological development in the field of armament. To enable you to perform your duties diligently, The Navy will provide you with some of the finest training facilities which will turn you in to a skilled professional, mentally agile and a physically fit officer.


(a) Candidates will be issued call up for Service Selection Board (SSB) interviews based on their performance in educational qualification. Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Navy) reserves the right to shortlist applications and to fix cut off percentage No communication will be entertained on this account 

(b) SSB interviews for short-listed candidates will be scheduled from Jun16 to Aug 16 at Bangalore for pilot & observer, SSB interviews for NAIC will be scheduled at Bangalore/Bhopal/Coimbatore/Visakhapatnam. Shortlisted candidates will be informed about their selection for SSB interview on their e-mail or through SMS (provided by candidate in their application form). 

(c) The total duration of SSB interviews is five days consisting of stage I (Day one) and stage II (Four days). Stage I Tests; consist of Intelligence Tests, Picture Perception and Group Discussion Tests. Candidates who fail to qualify in Stage I will be sent back on the same day from SSB Centre. Stage II Tests consists of Psychological Tests, Group Task Tests and Interview. Successful candidates will undergo medicals examination (approx 3-5 days). Candidates of Pilot entry are also required to undergo PABT (Pilot aptitude battery test) followed by Aviation medical examination. Candidates of observer entry will undergo Aviation medical examination. 

(d) Candidates recommended by the SSBs, cleared PABT (for Pilot Entry) and declared medically fit will be appointed for training based on merit list and depending on the number of vacancies available. 

(e) Any correspondence regarding change of SSB dates be addressed to the President of the SSB on receipt of call up letter. 

(f) No compensation will be paid in respect of any injury sustained to a candidate during SSB tests. 

(g) Return First Class (AC III Tier/AC Chair Car) rail fare is admissible for the SSB interview, if appearing for the first time for this Commission on production of railway ticket. SHORT SERVICE COMMISSION 

(i) For Pilot & Observer entry Short Service Commission is granted for a term of 14 years. No extension will be given beyond 14 years.

(ii) For NAIC Short Service Commission is granted initially for 12 years extendable by 2 years. No extension will be given beyond 14 years.

 (iii) Officers inducted under these schemes will not be given extension beyond fourteen years and will not be eligible for Permanent Commission. The Officers will be on probation for a period of two years or till completion of their initial training (whichever is later), during which they are liable to be discharged if their performance is unsatisfactory on professional/medical/disciplinary grounds.

The training is tentatively scheduled to commence in the month of Jan 2017 at Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala. Full pay and allowances are admissible to the officers whilst under training. Only unmarried candidates are eligible to undergo training. If an officer voluntarily withdraws from initial training, or resigns during the probationary period, he/she shell be required to refund the cost of training in whole or in part, as may be determined by the Govt, and all money received by him/her as pay and allowances from the Govt. together with the interests on the said money calculated at the rate enforced for Govt. loans.

19. Pilot Entry.
Pilot candidates will undergo 22 weeks of Naval orientation course (NOC) at INA, Ezhimala followed by Stage I and Stage II flying training at the Air Force Academy/Naval Establishment/Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy (IGRUA). On successful completion of training, the candidates will be awarded wings. The candidates will be entitled for flying pay and allowances only after award of wings.

20. Observer Entry. 
Observer candidates will undergo 22 weeks of Naval Orientation course at the INA, Ezhimala. On completion of NOC the candidates will undergo SLT(X) Tech course followed by professional ab-initio training at Observer School. On successful completion of training at Observer School, the candidates will be awarded Observer wings. The candidates will be entitled for flying pay and allowances only after award of the Observer Wings. 

21. NAIC Entry Candidates will undergo Naval Orientation Course at the Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala followed by professional training at various Naval Training Establishments/Units/Ships. Full pay and allowances are admissible to officers whilst under training. 

How to Apply 
22. Candidates are to fill in ‘e-application' (Online) for this entry. The candidates are to apply online (e-application) from 09 Apr 16. The online application registration will cease on 29 Apr 16. The procedure for applying online is explained in Paras 22 & 23 below. IMPORTANT - Please read the instructions given on the website carefully before submitting your ‘e-application’ 23. Online (e-application):- Whilst filling up the eapplication, it is advisable to keep the relevant documents readily available to enable the following:- 
(a) Correct filling up of personal particulars. Details are to be filled up as given in the Matriculation Certificate. 

(b) Fields such as e-mail address, mobile number are mandatory fields and need to be filled. 24. Filling up of e-application:- For filling up application Online visit our website www.joinindiannavy.gov.in and proceed as follows:- 

(a) Click on Apply Online Officer on the Home Page. 
(b) Fill the online registration form. Tips to assist in filling up fields have been provided as you highlight each field. 
(c) After filling the form click on Preview and check if all the information entered by you is correct. (d) Before clicking the Print Application button it should be checked whether all the details entered in the form is correct as you will not be able to make any corrections after saving the record. Candidates can take the print of the application form by entering the relevant details. 

(e) Before clicking the instructions for SSB Button, it should be checked whether all the details entered in the form are correct as you will not be able to make any corrections after saving the record. Candidates can read the instructions on conduct of SSB by clicking on the instruction for SSB button and can take the print of the application form by entering the details from the download sections under officer entry. 

(f)Print two copies of the online Application Form having the system generated Application Number. 

(g) Paste recent passport size colour photograph at the space provided and self attest the same. 

(h)One copy of this Application Form is to be duly signed and mailed (posted) to Post Box No. 02, Sarojini Nagar PO, New Delhi - 110 023 along with the following documents:- Self attested photograph, Self attested photo copies of 10th & 12th class certificates along with Mark Sheets, other educational certificates and mark sheets of all semester/years.In case CGPA, candidate is required to attach certificate issued by the university for conversion of CGPA in to percentage. Application to be sent by ordinary post only. Speed post/courier and Registered post will not be accepted. (j) A superscription is to be made on envelope: 

ONLINE APPLICATION NO. ________ APPLICATION for Pilot/Observer/NAIC JAN 2017 COURSE Qualification______ Percentage _____%. NCC ‘C’ Yes/No. Application and requisite enclosures must be properly tagged/stapled; IHQ MoD (Navy) will not be responsible for loss of enclosures, if sent loose. 

(i) Final receipt of the printout of the Online Application Form with system generated Application Number and all documents as mentioned in sub para (e) above if received by 09 May 16 will be the final CONFIRMATION of receipt of your Application at IHQ MoD (Navy). Hence, only filling the application Online/generation of Application No. does not imply that the candidate has fulfilled all the criteria given in the advertisement. 

(ii) Your application is subject to subsequent scrutiny and the application can be rejected, if found INELIGIBLE/INVALID at any point of time. 

(iii) The applicants are advised to regularly check naval website www.joinindiannavy.gov.in and their mail box for SSB call ups. 

(iv) Disclaimer :
 Information given in the advertisement and on the website are guidelines only. Incase of any ambiguity, the existing policies, rules and regulations of Indian Navy/Govt of India will be final.

For More Information please visit the Official Notification

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